- Maya Angelou

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Talk Therapy & emdr


Traditional talk therapy is an excellent source of ongoing, consistent support for the client dedicated to making lasting changes. The BE HERD program prioritizes a holistic understanding when assisting committed clients to help them achieve their personal & professional goals. 

Our program is committed to identifying triggers, underlying maintaining factors, past experiences and exploring how these factors are affecting you. We are devoted to the work needed to teach each client necessary skills that transcend the saddle.

EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy is an excellent tool for helping clients heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of trauma (trauma is defined as any overwhelming or disturbing experience that gets“stuck” on repeat in the brain and body). 

Performance coaching

Performance Coaching will help equestrian athletes gain the mental skills and tools that allow their ability to shine, not the anxiety.
Sessions can focus on issues such as accident recovery, moving up a level, repairing or improving the relationship with equine partner(s), improving confidence, & developing effective routines for success. With the tools to navigate the emotional & mental challenges of being an equestrian athlete, riders are able to achieve their maximum performance potential.


Equine-assisted psychotherapy

Because horses are hardwired for connection, (much like we are) they are constantly offering opportunities for feedback. Their social community bonds and dependentency on non-verbal communication can offer insight to participants' emotions, behaviors and relationships. 
EAP is an interactive approach that includes horses in the therapy session along with intentional facilitation by a licensed mental health provider and credentialed equine professional. 
BE HERD incorporates equine-assisted psychotherapy practices for the open minded & motivated client desiring a deeper desire to learn about themselves by reflecting on what happened, how it happened and the meaning assigned to the experience. 
Through incorporating respectful equine activities, focusing on choice, trust and cooperation- participants are able to explore improving communication, identifying core beliefs and recurring patterns.  
You might forget a conversation you had with your counselor a few weeks ago, it’s unlikely you’ll forget how you felt when you stood in a field with your counselor and a horse.


• Goal setting & accountability 
• Navigating conflict & toxic dynamics 
• Managing peer & social media pressure 
• Controlling negative self talk
• Time, money and horses
• Dating & riding
• Anxiety after horse related injury

• Navigating mental & emotional blocks 
• Managing personal & professional relationships
• Body Image Distress & Eating Disorders
• Equestrian related trauma
• Grief/loss

Areas of Focus

Be Herd LLC is proud to have offered clients support in the following areas, But not limited to